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How to sharpen the blade of a pruning saw

Are you using the best pruning saw for your home and garden? Did you encounter the situation that after a long time using the saw blade became blunt? It makes the process of pruning your tree much more difficult and takes more effort and time than before. For example,  before you only took about 30 minutes to prune a tree, now it took you about 1 hour to complete. You are not sure about how to solve this problem? And you intend to replace the new, right?

Do not be too rushed when making a decision. Why don’t you sharpen it yourself? Don’t be too surprised by what I just mentioned. Sharpening the blade is as simple as sharpening a knife. Do you want to know the specific grinding process like? I’m sure most of you are extremely curious right? I don’t let you wait any longer. I will show in detail the steps to sharpen the blade for you to know right here. Let’s follow this article.

Step 1 – Clean the saw

Before starting the process of sharpening the saw blade, you need to clean the saw blade first. The tools you need to equip to clean are brushes, specialized cleaning solutions, water, brass (for holding water). Besides, you need to equip yourself with some protective gear such as gloves (to avoid sawing and injuring your hands) or goggles (in case the wood chips accidentally get into the eyes. Once fully equipped, it’s time to clean the saw blade. This job is quite simple. First, use a brush to remove any wood chips or stains that remain on the saw blade. You need to scrub carefully each tooth of the saw blade where there are most stains attached. After scrubbing the saw blade, you should now pour a sufficient amount of cleaning solution into the previously prepared water basin and soak it for 5-10 minutes so that the solution is absorbed evenly and helps remove the stain and rust at your saw.

If there is a sap on the saw, you can use kerosene to clean it. By wetting a cloth with a little bit of kerosene and rubbing it on the spot where the sap is stuck until they disappear (it sticks quite firmly, you need to rub it hard). If you have this problem, You can try this method. I have tried doing this method for my saw. It’s quite effective. After you have completely removed the stain, wipe the saw dry with a clean towel.

Step two: Move the saw blade out of the saw

Not all pruning saws can remove the blades. Therefore, you should read the manual carefully to see if your saw can do that. Normally, the pole saws that are used to cut branches on top of the tree can be removed. The removable support makes the sharpening process a little easier. If you can’t do it, there is no problem. You can still sharpen as usual.

Step 3: Begin the sharpening process

To start the grinding process, you require to place a grinding rod in the groove where between the teeth. You are not sure where to buy grinding rods right? Buying it is quite simple, you can go to the hardware store to buy. After you place the sharpener, you need to push it forward to create metal for the saw blade and sharpen the blade. You must keep repeating this three to six times or until you get your saw blade sharper. Besides, you must always reposition the grinding bar and push it forward and pay attention to never let it move between the teeth. If you do not hold firmly, you will make the grinding process inefficient. After grinding one tooth, you continue the same process with all other teeth. Besides the grinding bar, you can use other grinding tools such as grindstone, diamond file to sharpen the saw blade.

Step 4: Remove the burrs

Do you see burrs on your saw? After sharpening, they will appear on your saw blade. To handle this problem, you need to use a sharpener or a flat file on the back of the blade to remove burrs. You just need to scrub it two or three times. Burrs will completely disappear.

Step 5: Complete

After finishing grinding, you need to use lubricating oil, also known as anti-rust oil, to help your saw blade use for a long time without worrying about rust or failure. After you have applied the oily solution, wait for about 30 minutes to allow it to dry.

Now it’s time for you to check the sharpness of your saw. Find any tree in the garden that you need to prune immediately to try. If you feel your pruning process is as quick as the first time you buy it, you’ve succeeded. If you still find it is still blunt and difficult to cut, repeat the grinding steps.

Note: When buying a grinding bar, you need to choose a grinding rod the size that fits in the grooves of the saw blade. A bar that is too large can cause tooth loss when grinding. And a small bar will not be able to contact enough teeth to create metal.

When grinding, you must wear gloves to ensure no injury. And don’t hold the blade of the saw. Despite being blunt, it is still possible to break your finger easily.

In conclusion

I have presented the steps to sharpen the saw blade in detail. If you don’t want to waste money on getting a new one, you can try to follow it. I find it quite simple. Everyone can do it. However, if your saw blade is too blunt, I recommend you to buy a new prunning saw. Because no matter how you sharpen it, it won’t help the blade to sharpen. It also leads to broken and cracked saw blades.

Finally, I hope that the information I provided is useful and necessary for you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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Compare features between fence and miter gauge

Table saw is becoming no stranger to professional carpenters. It helps them cut thick or thin wood as easily and effortlessly as using a hand saw.

If you are a beginner to use a table saw who want to cut straight a piece of wood perfectly. A fence is an indispensable tool. And If you are a professional carpenter wanting to cut wood with multiple angles such as cross-cutting, cutting complicated angles. A miter gauge is also an indispensable tool.

In this article, I will fully introduce these two necessary tools for cutting wood so that people who do not know about their application can find out.


An important part of the table saws along with the engines and blades is the fence. If you want to cut rip correctly, you require to equip it.

Now we will talk about the outstanding features that a fence should have:

First, the Fence can be adjusted easily both vertically and horizontally. Secondly, the fence must be firmly attached on the track, so as not to disturb the impact of wood cutting.

Many new people use fences or use them for a long time, they often encounter a fence that is difficult to move to horizontal and vertical. How to fix this problem is very simple. Please apply some lubricant as wax to operate it more flexible.

Factory and stock gauges are often made with poor material, but users can easily change it with a high-quality miter gauge that can operate as normal. Meanwhile, you buy a poor-quality fence that will not be easily replaced and compensated like that.

There are many substances used to make fences. But the material from welded steel with T – square shape that is extremely solid and durable is being trusted and used by many customers. It makes your operation and operation easier and smoother.

There are different types of T-shaped fences. If you only use fences for light and simple tasks, the producer only makes fences using bolts to attach the fence tube to the head of T-shaped. You will be able to see on the hybrid and contractor table saws belongs to the best portable table saw. For a more difficult and heavy task, they will weld the fence tube firmly and in a T-shape, you can see it on a cabinet table saw.

Miter gauges

How does a miter gauge work? This is the question of most people who want to learn about this device. Very simple. It is a guide device that moves inside the miter slot on the surface of the saw. Its exterior is shaped like a half-moon around a connecting shaft to guide according to the measurement you want. Thanks to the locking mechanism, you can adjust the angle from – 45 to 45 degrees.

When you want to cut corners, you just need to adjust the angle you want to cut and then push it all along with the miter towards the blade. The fence is only suitable for rip cutting. In contrast, with miter gauges, you can choose many more cutting angles such as square cutting, cross-cutting, … very convenient. 

If you want to cross-cut, you need to slide the miter to your side, then put the wooden plate into the straight part of the circular saw. Then, mark with a pencil to cut the angle you want on the wood. Arrange the blade to the right angle. Next turn on guide the miter gauge towards the marked point. Make sure the wood plate is on the straight edge of the miter to have the most perfect cut.

As for square cutting, the process is very simple. You just need to set the miter gauge at 90 degrees or 0 degrees according to the marked point. Then you just need to push the wooden panel toward the saw blade that is finished cutting square.

It should be noted that pushing the wood a bit slow toward the saw blade, as the miter gauge movement may be deflected out. For that to not happen, you can equip a clamp.

In conclusion

I have introduced two tools commonly used in wood cutting support. The fence is suitable for rip cutting, while the miter supports cutting corners. Therefore, depending on your needs, equip yourself with the proper devices. In the end, you should not combine the use of two tools at the same time will be dangerous.

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How to make the handle of wood chisel

A wood chisel is a simple, basic and indispensable tool for carpenters. A wooden chisel consists of two parts that are blade connected to the handle. A chisel is used for cutting, paring, carving or planing wood. This tool is very easy to use. You can use one hand to punch, use a mallet to strike or use two hands to be able to beat more accurately and firmly. Wood Chisel is extremely versatile. You can punch from softwood to hardwood

Due to the increasing demand for wood chisels of people, in the tool market, there are many types of chisel blades available for different applications. Then the handle of the wood chisel is also focused on production with full material, style, color for customers to choose freely, But the prices of handle chisels are relatively expensive as their blades. Therefore, Today I will do an article about how to make a handle for people who can’t afford a handle or want to try making one. Let’s explore it.

How to make a handle

Step 1: Remove old Handles.

First, you need to remove the old handle from the wood chisel. By taking a clamp to fix the handle firmly. Then take another clamp to lift the upper part of the handle (the blade part of the chisel). This operation is extremely simple.

Step 2: Wash the blade part of the chisel

After removing the handle. You need to wash the top of the wood chisel. Because of its frequent use, It could be dust, dirt or wood debris clinging to. Please use the brush to clean up.

Step 3: Drill holes for handles

Get a small wooden board, you can use any oak or wood you have. Use hand saws to cut them according to the handle size you want. After cutting, use a pencil to mark the center of the wooden panel. Use the drill to drill down to the point (which was marked) on the wooden board to create a small hole to plug the head of the chisel.  

Step 4: Use lathe

Next step, we have to make the handle into a circle(Ellipse). To be easier to hold and grasp. You must use the lathe to do this step. Because this step is difficult to make the handle of the image you want if you don’t have the skill to use the lathe. So, You can bring out carpentry workshops or carpentry shops thanks to them for making.

Step 5: Attaching the Ferrel.

I made a smaller tenon that would grip the Ferrel. This step requires care, You must do the right size

Step 6: Complete the handle shape

After mounting the handle and the Ferrel. The product is almost finished. This step you just need to use sandpaper to make the surface of the handle more smooth.

Step 6: Epoxying for chisel wood. Why need to use Epoxy? Because when we soak the handles of chisels into epoxy to makes the handle become smoother and more durable. You can use it for a long time without worrying about worn out. After that, you need to wait for it to dry for about 20 minutes.

Note: You should use several coats of tung oil. To make your product more beautiful

How to keep wood chisel for a long time

Most people are worried about the failure of wood chisel like a wood blade that is not sharp, The handle is loose,… But this is unavoidable when you use it for a long time. But I will show you some suggestions to preserve wood chisels or use it more properly as follows

Use wood chisels with the right size: For example, with small wood, you can use small wood chisels. You must not use small chisels to carve large wood plates. That makes your wood chisel more easily broken.

You can store wood chisels in a cool place, avoid places with lots of sunshine. Because, for a long time at high temperatures, the chisel’s blade may rust.

In conclusion

I have just finished showing you how to make the handle of wood chisels and some suitable preservation methods. If you want to make yourself a handle. Try doing it now. Good luck!

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Application of portable paint sprayer in life

The purpose of painting is to create a coating that helps to decorate and protect the surface of the wall from the effects of the environment, in weather such as mold, wind, and sun … to objects and surfaces The wall is not moldy, rusty, scratched and always beautiful.

In the past, most of the painting stages had to be done manually, so it was very labor intensive, the quality of the paint surface depended heavily on the skill of the workers, and sometimes it was not safe to paint on the height because of the painters need to bring along paint brushes, paint rollers, paint containers …

Understanding that difficulty, there is a manufacturer who created a hand-painted machine that can replace paintbrush, paint, paint, etc. Makes cleaning or refurbishing your house take less time and effort. Moreover, With the spray gun, the pressure created from the nozzle helps paint better adhesion on all types of surfaces, from there, the paint is smoother, evenly colored and able to protect the paint on the surface better. In addition, the machine can paint on a large area faster without much labor and can flexibly move to different locations to paint. Therefore, this device is increasingly widely used in almost every field of life that requires paint.

So, in what field is the portable paint spray gun applied? Let’s find out in this article.

Interior and exterior decoration

Hand-held water spray paint is used to paint exterior and interior walls, paint fences … to make the house more beautiful and without mildew when it rains. In addition, if you want to refurbish a small space in the house, you can also use a paint sprayer to change the paint color, which brings newness to the whole house.


Types of signboard must be outdoors, it is influenced by rain and sun so it. need paints to avoid damage. Portable paint sprayer with the advantage of creating a uniform, smooth and durable paint over time will be a perfect choice to paint these types of the signboard.


For all kinds of gates, window grilles, iron gates … it is also necessary to paint to avoid rusty. Thanks to the ability to create beautiful, durable paint, paint spray gun will also help mechanic paint these products quickly and qualitatively, ensuring long-term use without worrying about rust or damage.

Wood and metal furniture

With furniture products or household decorations such as furniture with wood material also need to spray an additional layer of paint. Because when painted with spray paint, the furniture will become more eye-catching, durable. You do not worry about being scratched, termite, moldy or rusty over time. In addition, painting is also a way for these objects to become more harmonious and modern. It is suitable for the style of the house or workspace.

What should be noted when buying paint spray guns?

To buy quality portable paint sprayer that can be used for a long time, users should note the following points:

  • Choose the type with the power suitable to the needs to use to ensure the machine is not overloaded.
  • Choose a type with multiple spray patterns to meet the need for spraying on large areas or paint small details that require meticulousness, high sophistication.
  • Choose the type that is less likely to spray paint into the air to save paint, protect the health of painters and people around, and limit the environmental pollution.

What should be noted in the process of using a handheld paint sprayer?

Most types of paint sprayers have a simple use mechanism, only need to be controlled by pressing on the body and moving the machine in an up, down or horizontal direction flexibly depending on the location of painting.

  • However, users should note that mixing paint in accordance with the dense limit that the machine can paint, avoiding the case of too thick paint makes the finished product not smooth, very wasteful paint.
  • After each painting, care should also be taken to clean paint containers and nozzles, to prevent these objects from blocking in the paint machine, Make it difficult or impossible to do at the next paint.

In conclusion

I have introduced you to the application of paint sprayers in life. Hope it will be useful for you.

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Top 5 hand saws 2019

Do you know hand saw? I am sure it is an indispensable tool for carpenters and those who like to make carpentry. To meet the needs of everyone. On the market, there are many extremely modern hand saws with full design, style, size and color for everyone to choose. Because of that diversity, you don’t know which hand saw is suitable for you. Do not worry. I will review for you some of the most used hand saws today. Let’s explore it.

WiFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

Are you a farmer, gardener, general contractor, or woodworker? Do you need a good handsaw so that your job will become easier, faster and more pleasant? Don’t ignore WilFiks hand saws in your options. This saw has many benefits. Firstly, It is very easy to use. You can cut materials like wood, plywood, trees, drywall, wallboard, pipes, plywoods, branches and twigs fast and effortlessly. Secondly, With induction-hardened teeth that stay sharp up to five times longer than standard teeth and produces smooth, sharp, and quick cuts. Special, This hand has a very soft and special anti-slip rubber handle that is carefully designed to give you maximum comfort. The best is, 16-inch Pro Hand Saw with a 9 TPI high carbon steel blade for rigidity and control. It makes the blade cuts deep without requiring a lot of downward pressure. You can cut up to 50% faster than traditional hand saws and the cuts are clean and accurate.

Folding Hand Saw (RAZOR SHARP 7″ BLADE)

This saw is extremely convenient with many features. It is often used to cut drywall, wood, bone,  and plants. It is the ideal tool for trimming, hiking, DIY projects, camping, fishing, hunting, gardening, woodworking, and more! That’s great, isn’t it? With just one tool you can do a lot of things. The specialty of this hand saw is that it is designed with the locking mechanism feels solid. You can open it when using and close it if not used like pocket knives very conveniently and safely. Therefore, You can put the saw into your pocket to use it anywhere, whenever you want, need it. In particular, its price is extremely affordable in accordance with most people’s income. Why don’t you buy it right now?

Multi Pullsaw

This type of saw has an extremely new and unique design with two saw blades in one. This Japanese style pull saw incorporates 2 cutting edges – a 12 inch / 30cm 14T PI carpentry cutting edge and a unique 6.5 inches / 17cm long angled 22 TPI fine cutting edge. The extremely convenient combination helps users to cut almost any material they want. From kitchen worktops to PVC pipe, Plywood, Pine, Oak, and other hardwoods. So, This saw gives extremely high cutting efficiency. It can cut to 0.6mm excellent accuracy making the cut cleanest and best performance. Moreover, New handle design with built-in finger guard and deliberate thumb groove on the top to allow for maximum control and accuracy while cutting. Specially, There is a blade quick release button on the handle, meaning that you can replace the blades of this saw when required.

Metal Crosscut Saw with 28-Inch Blade for Wood, Lumber, Timber – Made in the USA

This saw is made from America by a California firm that makes professional arborist tools. it is very important that the teeth on the saw blade are made from high-quality steel. You can cut some materials like wood easily and comfortably. Moreover,  with unique short length perfect for one person, this 28″ blade saw with 4 TPI can cut wet or dry round logs. In fact, It also cuts logs up to 12 inches in diameter. Add a plus point, It won’t clog or bind up like others saws. So great, isn’t it?

Drywall Saw, Folding Jab Saw with 180 and 125 Degree Lockback Klein Tools 31737

This saw is like Folding Hand Saw which is extremely compact and convenient. You can fold the saw when not in use as a pocket knife. You can freely put this saw with other tools in your tool bag to take anywhere when you need it. It will definitely not damage anything inside your pocket. This durable, carbon steel blade is as sturdy as fixed blade jab saws. you can cut any type of materials such as wallboard, plywood, plastic, drywall extremely easy. What’s more, With locking mechanism, ensuring the blade opens at 125 degrees and opens completely at 180 degrees. Depending on the material you want to cut, you can open it accordingly.

In conclusion

I have finished introducing to you some kinds of hand saws that are used by many customers today. Hope my review will help you choose the most suitable saw