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How to make the handle of wood chisel

A wood chisel is a simple, basic and indispensable tool for carpenters. A wooden chisel consists of two parts that are blade connected to the handle. A chisel is used for cutting, paring, carving or planing wood. This tool is very easy to use. You can use one hand to punch, use a mallet to strike or use two hands to be able to beat more accurately and firmly. Wood Chisel is extremely versatile. You can punch from softwood to hardwood

Due to the increasing demand for wood chisels of people, in the tool market, there are many types of chisel blades available for different applications. Then the handle of the wood chisel is also focused on production with full material, style, color for customers to choose freely, But the prices of handle chisels are relatively expensive as their blades. Therefore, Today I will do an article about how to make a handle for people who can’t afford a handle or want to try making one. Let’s explore it.

How to make a handle

Step 1: Remove old Handles.

First, you need to remove the old handle from the wood chisel. By taking a clamp to fix the handle firmly. Then take another clamp to lift the upper part of the handle (the blade part of the chisel). This operation is extremely simple.

Step 2: Wash the blade part of the chisel

After removing the handle. You need to wash the top of the wood chisel. Because of its frequent use, It could be dust, dirt or wood debris clinging to. Please use the brush to clean up.

Step 3: Drill holes for handles

Get a small wooden board, you can use any oak or wood you have. Use hand saws to cut them according to the handle size you want. After cutting, use a pencil to mark the center of the wooden panel. Use the drill to drill down to the point (which was marked) on the wooden board to create a small hole to plug the head of the chisel.  

Step 4: Use lathe

Next step, we have to make the handle into a circle(Ellipse). To be easier to hold and grasp. You must use the lathe to do this step. Because this step is difficult to make the handle of the image you want if you don’t have the skill to use the lathe. So, You can bring out carpentry workshops or carpentry shops thanks to them for making.

Step 5: Attaching the Ferrel.

I made a smaller tenon that would grip the Ferrel. This step requires care, You must do the right size

Step 6: Complete the handle shape

After mounting the handle and the Ferrel. The product is almost finished. This step you just need to use sandpaper to make the surface of the handle more smooth.

Step 6: Epoxying for chisel wood. Why need to use Epoxy? Because when we soak the handles of chisels into epoxy to makes the handle become smoother and more durable. You can use it for a long time without worrying about worn out. After that, you need to wait for it to dry for about 20 minutes.

Note: You should use several coats of tung oil. To make your product more beautiful

How to keep wood chisel for a long time

Most people are worried about the failure of wood chisel like a wood blade that is not sharp, The handle is loose,… But this is unavoidable when you use it for a long time. But I will show you some suggestions to preserve wood chisels or use it more properly as follows

Use wood chisels with the right size: For example, with small wood, you can use small wood chisels. You must not use small chisels to carve large wood plates. That makes your wood chisel more easily broken.

You can store wood chisels in a cool place, avoid places with lots of sunshine. Because, for a long time at high temperatures, the chisel’s blade may rust.

In conclusion

I have just finished showing you how to make the handle of wood chisels and some suitable preservation methods. If you want to make yourself a handle. Try doing it now. Good luck!