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Compare features between fence and miter gauge

Table saw is becoming no stranger to professional carpenters. It helps them cut thick or thin wood as easily and effortlessly as using a hand saw.

If you are a beginner to use a table saw who want to cut straight a piece of wood perfectly. A fence is an indispensable tool. And If you are a professional carpenter wanting to cut wood with multiple angles such as cross-cutting, cutting complicated angles. A miter gauge is also an indispensable tool.

In this article, I will fully introduce these two necessary tools for cutting wood so that people who do not know about their application can find out.


An important part of the table saws along with the engines and blades is the fence. If you want to cut rip correctly, you require to equip it.

Now we will talk about the outstanding features that a fence should have:

First, the Fence can be adjusted easily both vertically and horizontally. Secondly, the fence must be firmly attached on the track, so as not to disturb the impact of wood cutting.

Many new people use fences or use them for a long time, they often encounter a fence that is difficult to move to horizontal and vertical. How to fix this problem is very simple. Please apply some lubricant as wax to operate it more flexible.

Factory and stock gauges are often made with poor material, but users can easily change it with a high-quality miter gauge that can operate as normal. Meanwhile, you buy a poor-quality fence that will not be easily replaced and compensated like that.

There are many substances used to make fences. But the material from welded steel with T – square shape that is extremely solid and durable is being trusted and used by many customers. It makes your operation and operation easier and smoother.

There are different types of T-shaped fences. If you only use fences for light and simple tasks, the producer only makes fences using bolts to attach the fence tube to the head of T-shaped. You will be able to see on the hybrid and contractor table saws belongs to the best portable table saw. For a more difficult and heavy task, they will weld the fence tube firmly and in a T-shape, you can see it on a cabinet table saw.

Miter gauges

How does a miter gauge work? This is the question of most people who want to learn about this device. Very simple. It is a guide device that moves inside the miter slot on the surface of the saw. Its exterior is shaped like a half-moon around a connecting shaft to guide according to the measurement you want. Thanks to the locking mechanism, you can adjust the angle from – 45 to 45 degrees.

When you want to cut corners, you just need to adjust the angle you want to cut and then push it all along with the miter towards the blade. The fence is only suitable for rip cutting. In contrast, with miter gauges, you can choose many more cutting angles such as square cutting, cross-cutting, … very convenient. 

If you want to cross-cut, you need to slide the miter to your side, then put the wooden plate into the straight part of the circular saw. Then, mark with a pencil to cut the angle you want on the wood. Arrange the blade to the right angle. Next turn on guide the miter gauge towards the marked point. Make sure the wood plate is on the straight edge of the miter to have the most perfect cut.

As for square cutting, the process is very simple. You just need to set the miter gauge at 90 degrees or 0 degrees according to the marked point. Then you just need to push the wooden panel toward the saw blade that is finished cutting square.

It should be noted that pushing the wood a bit slow toward the saw blade, as the miter gauge movement may be deflected out. For that to not happen, you can equip a clamp.

In conclusion

I have introduced two tools commonly used in wood cutting support. The fence is suitable for rip cutting, while the miter supports cutting corners. Therefore, depending on your needs, equip yourself with the proper devices. In the end, you should not combine the use of two tools at the same time will be dangerous.

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