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How to sharpen the blade of a pruning saw

Are you using the best pruning saw for your home and garden? Did you encounter the situation that after a long time using the saw blade became blunt? It makes the process of pruning your tree much more difficult and takes more effort and time than before. For example,  before you only took about 30 minutes to prune a tree, now it took you about 1 hour to complete. You are not sure about how to solve this problem? And you intend to replace the new, right?

Do not be too rushed when making a decision. Why don’t you sharpen it yourself? Don’t be too surprised by what I just mentioned. Sharpening the blade is as simple as sharpening a knife. Do you want to know the specific grinding process like? I’m sure most of you are extremely curious right? I don’t let you wait any longer. I will show in detail the steps to sharpen the blade for you to know right here. Let’s follow this article.

Step 1 – Clean the saw

Before starting the process of sharpening the saw blade, you need to clean the saw blade first. The tools you need to equip to clean are brushes, specialized cleaning solutions, water, brass (for holding water). Besides, you need to equip yourself with some protective gear such as gloves (to avoid sawing and injuring your hands) or goggles (in case the wood chips accidentally get into the eyes. Once fully equipped, it’s time to clean the saw blade. This job is quite simple. First, use a brush to remove any wood chips or stains that remain on the saw blade. You need to scrub carefully each tooth of the saw blade where there are most stains attached. After scrubbing the saw blade, you should now pour a sufficient amount of cleaning solution into the previously prepared water basin and soak it for 5-10 minutes so that the solution is absorbed evenly and helps remove the stain and rust at your saw.

If there is a sap on the saw, you can use kerosene to clean it. By wetting a cloth with a little bit of kerosene and rubbing it on the spot where the sap is stuck until they disappear (it sticks quite firmly, you need to rub it hard). If you have this problem, You can try this method. I have tried doing this method for my saw. It’s quite effective. After you have completely removed the stain, wipe the saw dry with a clean towel.

Step two: Move the saw blade out of the saw

Not all pruning saws can remove the blades. Therefore, you should read the manual carefully to see if your saw can do that. Normally, the pole saws that are used to cut branches on top of the tree can be removed. The removable support makes the sharpening process a little easier. If you can’t do it, there is no problem. You can still sharpen as usual.

Step 3: Begin the sharpening process

To start the grinding process, you require to place a grinding rod in the groove where between the teeth. You are not sure where to buy grinding rods right? Buying it is quite simple, you can go to the hardware store to buy. After you place the sharpener, you need to push it forward to create metal for the saw blade and sharpen the blade. You must keep repeating this three to six times or until you get your saw blade sharper. Besides, you must always reposition the grinding bar and push it forward and pay attention to never let it move between the teeth. If you do not hold firmly, you will make the grinding process inefficient. After grinding one tooth, you continue the same process with all other teeth. Besides the grinding bar, you can use other grinding tools such as grindstone, diamond file to sharpen the saw blade.

Step 4: Remove the burrs

Do you see burrs on your saw? After sharpening, they will appear on your saw blade. To handle this problem, you need to use a sharpener or a flat file on the back of the blade to remove burrs. You just need to scrub it two or three times. Burrs will completely disappear.

Step 5: Complete

After finishing grinding, you need to use lubricating oil, also known as anti-rust oil, to help your saw blade use for a long time without worrying about rust or failure. After you have applied the oily solution, wait for about 30 minutes to allow it to dry.

Now it’s time for you to check the sharpness of your saw. Find any tree in the garden that you need to prune immediately to try. If you feel your pruning process is as quick as the first time you buy it, you’ve succeeded. If you still find it is still blunt and difficult to cut, repeat the grinding steps.

Note: When buying a grinding bar, you need to choose a grinding rod the size that fits in the grooves of the saw blade. A bar that is too large can cause tooth loss when grinding. And a small bar will not be able to contact enough teeth to create metal.

When grinding, you must wear gloves to ensure no injury. And don’t hold the blade of the saw. Despite being blunt, it is still possible to break your finger easily.

In conclusion

I have presented the steps to sharpen the saw blade in detail. If you don’t want to waste money on getting a new one, you can try to follow it. I find it quite simple. Everyone can do it. However, if your saw blade is too blunt, I recommend you to buy a new prunning saw. Because no matter how you sharpen it, it won’t help the blade to sharpen. It also leads to broken and cracked saw blades.

Finally, I hope that the information I provided is useful and necessary for you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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