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Top 5 hand saws 2019

Do you know hand saw? I am sure it is an indispensable tool for carpenters and those who like to make carpentry. To meet the needs of everyone. On the market, there are many extremely modern hand saws with full design, style, size and color for everyone to choose. Because of that diversity, you don’t know which hand saw is suitable for you. Do not worry. I will review for you some of the most used hand saws today. Let’s explore it.

WiFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

Are you a farmer, gardener, general contractor, or woodworker? Do you need a good handsaw so that your job will become easier, faster and more pleasant? Don’t ignore WilFiks hand saws in your options. This saw has many benefits. Firstly, It is very easy to use. You can cut materials like wood, plywood, trees, drywall, wallboard, pipes, plywoods, branches and twigs fast and effortlessly. Secondly, With induction-hardened teeth that stay sharp up to five times longer than standard teeth and produces smooth, sharp, and quick cuts. Special, This hand has a very soft and special anti-slip rubber handle that is carefully designed to give you maximum comfort. The best is, 16-inch Pro Hand Saw with a 9 TPI high carbon steel blade for rigidity and control. It makes the blade cuts deep without requiring a lot of downward pressure. You can cut up to 50% faster than traditional hand saws and the cuts are clean and accurate.

Folding Hand Saw (RAZOR SHARP 7″ BLADE)

This saw is extremely convenient with many features. It is often used to cut drywall, wood, bone,  and plants. It is the ideal tool for trimming, hiking, DIY projects, camping, fishing, hunting, gardening, woodworking, and more! That’s great, isn’t it? With just one tool you can do a lot of things. The specialty of this hand saw is that it is designed with the locking mechanism feels solid. You can open it when using and close it if not used like pocket knives very conveniently and safely. Therefore, You can put the saw into your pocket to use it anywhere, whenever you want, need it. In particular, its price is extremely affordable in accordance with most people’s income. Why don’t you buy it right now?

Multi Pullsaw

This type of saw has an extremely new and unique design with two saw blades in one. This Japanese style pull saw incorporates 2 cutting edges – a 12 inch / 30cm 14T PI carpentry cutting edge and a unique 6.5 inches / 17cm long angled 22 TPI fine cutting edge. The extremely convenient combination helps users to cut almost any material they want. From kitchen worktops to PVC pipe, Plywood, Pine, Oak, and other hardwoods. So, This saw gives extremely high cutting efficiency. It can cut to 0.6mm excellent accuracy making the cut cleanest and best performance. Moreover, New handle design with built-in finger guard and deliberate thumb groove on the top to allow for maximum control and accuracy while cutting. Specially, There is a blade quick release button on the handle, meaning that you can replace the blades of this saw when required.

Metal Crosscut Saw with 28-Inch Blade for Wood, Lumber, Timber – Made in the USA

This saw is made from America by a California firm that makes professional arborist tools. it is very important that the teeth on the saw blade are made from high-quality steel. You can cut some materials like wood easily and comfortably. Moreover,  with unique short length perfect for one person, this 28″ blade saw with 4 TPI can cut wet or dry round logs. In fact, It also cuts logs up to 12 inches in diameter. Add a plus point, It won’t clog or bind up like others saws. So great, isn’t it?

Drywall Saw, Folding Jab Saw with 180 and 125 Degree Lockback Klein Tools 31737

This saw is like Folding Hand Saw which is extremely compact and convenient. You can fold the saw when not in use as a pocket knife. You can freely put this saw with other tools in your tool bag to take anywhere when you need it. It will definitely not damage anything inside your pocket. This durable, carbon steel blade is as sturdy as fixed blade jab saws. you can cut any type of materials such as wallboard, plywood, plastic, drywall extremely easy. What’s more, With locking mechanism, ensuring the blade opens at 125 degrees and opens completely at 180 degrees. Depending on the material you want to cut, you can open it accordingly.

In conclusion

I have finished introducing to you some kinds of hand saws that are used by many customers today. Hope my review will help you choose the most suitable saw

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